Founded and led by Tony Jones, AWJ Plastics Consulting offers a broad portfolio of services to clients, both large and small, who can benefit from his commercial “hands on” and consulting experience built up since entering the Industry in 1983. Based in Worcester, England, AWJ Plastics Consulting offers worldwide consultancy services.

Extensive knowledge of the Global Market for Polyamide based engineering plastics, covering PA6, PA66, PA46, PA11, PA12, bio-based polyamides, and PPA based high temperature compounds.

• Good knowledge in other engineering plastics, notably PBT, POM, PC, mPPO, PEEK, PPS, PEI.

• Detailed knowledge of the Global production of Polyamide Compounds and the structure of their supply.

• PA recycling.

• Injection Moulded Component supply to the Automotive Industry.

• Engineering plastics demand in Electrical and Electronic markets.

• Engineering plastics demand in Consumer and Industrial applications.

• PA based film extrusion.

Tony Jones - Founder of AWJ Plastics Consulting

Tony commenced his Plastics Industry career in 1983, selling ETP’s to the UK Injection Moulding sector with Whitfield Plastic Compounders. At the time, they were the leading ETP compounder in the UK, and a distributor of PC, PA, PBT and ABS for Bayer, as well as a “toll” compounder of POM for Celanese. His European Plastics Industry understanding and knowledge was then developed during a 4 year consultancy spell with CDC (Corporate Development Consultants), including successful project management and completion of the first pan –European multi-client studies on both the PP and ETP compound markets. Following a business development role with leading UK “Telectronics” moulder , Plastic Engineers , in the early 1990’s , Tony returned to Sales Management with the specialist PA compounder , Plastex , before joining Applied Market Information ( AMI ) in 1993. In an 11 year career at AMI, as Head of Client research, he pioneered the consulting company’s early studies and research of the Central European Plastics Industry, as well as managing major market research projects in the late 1990’s for polymer manufacturers seeking to enter the emerging, but fast growing markets in Asia (particularly China). During the 2004-2006 , Tony also spent 3 years as Commercial Manager at Chem Polymer, who at that time were the UK’s leading independent PA compounder who are now owned by the US diversified material science company, Teknor Apex. In 2007, when back at AMI, he researched and published a successful and well received multi-client study of the European PA market, in addition to managing a strategic review of the largest 50 technical compounders in Europe. In 2008, Tony set up AWJ Plastics Consulting and since then, where required to fully meet client needs, he has also networked with associates around the world who have complementary skills and experience within the Global Engineering Thermoplastics Industry. From Q4 2015 until Q1 2018, Tony was also Associate Director –Engineering Plastics – for PCI Wood Mackenzie.


Companies who have benefited from the purchase of AWJPC’s detailed multi-client polyamide market studies (nb: Europe, China, North America, and India) include the following PA or ETP polymer producers: Aquafil, Asahi, Ascend, BASF, Celanese, Domo, DSM, DuPont, EMS Chemie, Evonik, Grupa Azoty, Invista, Kordsa, Nexis, Nurel, Nilit, Radici, Sabic, Solvay, Toray, and Ube. Independent PA Compounders who have purchased AWJPC’s multi-client reports include Akro Plastic, Albis, Colloids, Eurotec, Pentac, PolyOne, Polymer Chemie, S.o.f.ter, Teknor Apex, and Wellman. Additive or reinforcement producers who have purchased AWJPC’s multi-client reports include Brueggemann, Clariant, Delamin, Mitsui Chemicals, PolyAd, PPG, and William Blythe.

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